”CAE Value – a consulting company with specialists in optimization analytics and Multi-Body Simulation. We deliver virtual prototypes with real results. Our promise to you is to improve the value of your CAE investment. As our customer, you will discover better designs, faster!

Company History

CAE Value was founded in 2005 by Johnny Engström and David Fredriksson as Engstrom Dynamics. In April 2007, the company changed its name from Engstrom Dynamics to CAE Value AB, indicating the growth and strategic direction we aim to provide by increasing the value of functional virtual prototypes to our customers’ development processes.

Our Vision & Strategy

Vision: We help clients accelerate development by providing a unique combination of experienced senior experts, work processes, tools and a reliable network of component measurement specialists.

Strategy: Every consultant learns multi-objective design optimization methods, has access to the leading CAE tools, and is backed by the entire team, in order, to provide superior problem-solving capability and efficiency of execution. By constantly searching for state-of-the-art work processes, we take pride in providing one of the best consultancy services within the industry.


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