VI-DriveSim is VI-grade's revolutionary turnkey solution which provides automotive OEMs, motorsports teams and engineering service providers with a complete set of innovative, integrated driving simulators for a new generational approach to system-level simulation, allowing companies to bridge the gap between virtual prototyping and testing. Together with the new machine architecture, called Driver in Motion (DiM) and its kinematics, the user has the ability to "feel" the results of computer-aided simulations in a totally immersive environment, starting from the early phases of the development process.

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Customer success story:

Read how we helped Tyréns to reduce the weight of this movable steel structure by 5500 Kg!

Tyréns - Passenger Gangway Weight Reduction Project

Customer success story:

Read how we developed a method for a premium automotive manufacturer to automatically correlate virtual and physical test data.

Automatic Correlation Project


Customer success story:

Read how we helped an automotive OEM to replace physical prototypes with virtual models:

Seat rail and steering wheel vibration assessment virtual prototyping project

Read how we developed a virtual prototype for an agricultural equipment manufacturer to predict stresses in the welded frames in their products:

Agricultural equipment virtual prototyping project


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