Multidisciplinary Optimization

As unique provider of the combination of superior optimization technology, vast experience in advanced simulation methods, and process centric approach, CAE Value assists aerospace industry OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to shorten lead time and increase product performance.

Virtual Aircraft

We help organizations deploy the VI-Aircraft simulation to quickly and accurately study and optimize landing gear mechanisms, complete aircraft dynamics under various maneuvers and runway conditions, and the influence of control systems on stability and performance.


Through the superior optimization technology offered by the HEEDS solution, CPU-intensive CFD analyses can be executed in dramatically shorter time when searching for optimal designs with many variables taken into account.

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Customer success story:

Read how we helped Tyréns to reduce the weight of this movable steel structure by 5500 Kg!

Tyréns - Passenger Gangway Weight Reduction Project

Customer success story:

Read how we developed a method for a premium automotive manufacturer to automatically correlate virtual and physical test data.

Automatic Correlation Project


Customer success story:

Read how we helped an automotive OEM to replace physical prototypes with virtual models:

Seat rail and steering wheel vibration assessment virtual prototyping project

Read how we developed a virtual prototype for an agricultural equipment manufacturer to predict stresses in the welded frames in their products:

Agricultural equipment virtual prototyping project


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