CAE Value is the *only* provider of the unique combination of superior optimization technology (HEEDS), vast experience in advanced simulation methods for chassis, driveline and engine development, and process centric approach.

Active Systems

Combining control systems in e.g. Matlab/Simulink, Easy5 or Amesim is implemented by our technical specialists to assist organizations in enabling high-fidelity assessments of vehicle stability and controllability under extreme conditions. By integrating these capabilities into the HEEDS optimization technology, state-of-the-art product development process is deployed.

Vehicle Dynamics

Our team of expert consultants provide trusted advice in modeling, automation and validation in order to increase predictive confidence and vehicle performance in handling and ride comfort.

Durability and NVH

We make simulation models produce high-fidelity results for extraction of accurate structural accelerations and loads for fatigue and vibration assessment. Further, we help integrate these methods with structural optimization procedures with HEEDS as core intelligence engine.


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