HEEDS has been used by the Triple 8 BTCC race team to define best vehicle set-up and driving strategy using VI-CarRealTime and Adams. We recently held a Motorsports seminar at Charlotte International Speedway to highlight their success. Johnny Engstrom will present driver path strategy for race car lap timing at the upcoming VI-grade Users Conference on April 15-16 in Trieste, Italy.




CAE Value has become member of LIGHTer. This is a natural way for us, because we drive innovation by combining our knowledge/experience with the state of the art CAE software technology.

Lighter is a national and cross-industry lightweight arena where organizations ; companies, research institutes , academia , industry associations, municipalities , regions and governments work together to develop technologies , test environments and people.

Lighter aims to effectively create the competitiveness of the Swedish industry. Lighter intends to create a structure for the efficiency of technology development and development of people with unique , multidisciplinary ability to create products with low weight. Lighter will also provide an international top level ( excellence ) in selected areas providing industry conditions for high competitiveness.

Lighter coordinate what is happening in the research, development, technology and skills development in Sweden . Lighter is the hub of the Swedish lightweight technology . On this website collects Lighter information about what is happening nationally and internationally in lightweight .

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University of Skövde have choosen to use the state of the art software technology for Optimization, HEEDS

The main reasons why they will go for HEEDS are:

  • Efficient algorithms including SHERPA, MO- SHERPA and NSGA-III.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Possibility to run massively parallel optimizations.

Last week, on November 6th, we attended the yearly program conference for FFI next to our office at Lindholmen. FFI stands for "Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation" meaning "Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation" funded by the state of Sweden.

In the morning we listened to interesting presentations about the funded research projects that are done in companies all over the country. We were also inspired by the presentation of professor Jan Bosch about how to innovate through software.

ffi 2014 2

The afternoon was divided into 5 tracks. One take away from the Light-weight track was that LIGHTer has a focus on virtual methods, which we really support. In the track about Automated vehicles we can really see the need for good virtual vehicle models and driving simulators, areas where we are strong.

Altogether an interesting day, a melting pot of innovative ideas and energizing meetings.

We were bronze sponsors at 2014 International HEEDS User Conference.

At the conference experts and specialists from many countries got together to recognize, and focus on, the wide applications of optimization technology, and specifically optimization with HEEDS products, across all industries.

CAE Values CEO David Fredriksson held a speach about "Optimazation of Robotic Manipulator using HEEDS MDO" (by Foad Mohammadi)

 The conference was held at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan.



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