HEEDS MDO 2015.04 Now Available
A new version of HEEDS MDO was officially released on 4/27/2014. To download a copy, please login to our Customer Portal with your credentials and choose HEEDS MDO 2015.04 from the Software and Documentation window. This release includes new portals to third-party software as well as enhancements to facilitate process automation, scalable computation, efficient search, and results interpretation (i.e., data mining). For further information regarding this release, please view the Release Notes.

Redeveloped Calculator

The calculator functionality in HEEDS MDO has been redeveloped using Python. The new calculator implementation provides significant enhancements over the previous releases. These new enhancements allow you to setup complex formulas with ease without requiring use of an external script or tool. Read more...

Logic in Process Definition
The process definition now provides support for the use of logic to drive the flow in the analysis process. One or more conditions can be defined at the analysis level to control whether an analysis will be attempted. Several scenarios that would have required specialized external scripts to capture the desired process behavior are now easily handled with this feature.  Read more...

As of March 1 2015, CAE Value AB provides F-Tire software to the Nordic region.  The following two products are offered:

  1. FTire
  2. FTire4CRT

The FTire module works with all multibody software such as ADAMS/Car, Simpack, Carsim, veDyna, and more. The FTire4CRT package includes FTire/Core, FTire/MT and FTire/RT and is dedicated for use with VI-Car RealTime.

FTire (Flexible Structure Tire Model) is a time-domain, nonlinear tire simulation model for high-frequent and short-wave-length excitation, applied and supported by vehicle and tire manufacturers all over the world.

FTire is designed for ride comfort simulations and road load prediction for durability applications, on road irregularities even with extremely short wave-lengths.

HEEDS has been used by the Triple 8 BTCC race team to define best vehicle set-up and driving strategy using VI-CarRealTime and Adams. We recently held a Motorsports seminar at Charlotte International Speedway to highlight their success. Johnny Engstrom will present driver path strategy for race car lap timing at the upcoming VI-grade Users Conference on April 15-16 in Trieste, Italy.




CAE Value has become member of LIGHTer. This is a natural way for us, because we drive innovation by combining our knowledge/experience with the state of the art CAE software technology.

Lighter is a national and cross-industry lightweight arena where organizations ; companies, research institutes , academia , industry associations, municipalities , regions and governments work together to develop technologies , test environments and people.

Lighter aims to effectively create the competitiveness of the Swedish industry. Lighter intends to create a structure for the efficiency of technology development and development of people with unique , multidisciplinary ability to create products with low weight. Lighter will also provide an international top level ( excellence ) in selected areas providing industry conditions for high competitiveness.

Lighter coordinate what is happening in the research, development, technology and skills development in Sweden . Lighter is the hub of the Swedish lightweight technology . On this website collects Lighter information about what is happening nationally and internationally in lightweight .

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University of Skövde have choosen to use the state of the art software technology for Optimization, HEEDS

The main reasons why they will go for HEEDS are:

  • Efficient algorithms including SHERPA, MO- SHERPA and NSGA-III.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Possibility to run massively parallel optimizations.

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Customer success story:

Read how we helped Tyréns to reduce the weight of this movable steel structure by 5500 Kg!

Tyréns - Passenger Gangway Weight Reduction Project

Customer success story:

Read how we developed a method for a premium automotive manufacturer to automatically correlate virtual and physical test data.

Automatic Correlation Project


Customer success story:

Read how we helped an automotive OEM to replace physical prototypes with virtual models:

Seat rail and steering wheel vibration assessment virtual prototyping project

Read how we developed a virtual prototype for an agricultural equipment manufacturer to predict stresses in the welded frames in their products:

Agricultural equipment virtual prototyping project


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