Last week, on November 6th, we attended the yearly program conference for FFI next to our office at Lindholmen. FFI stands for "Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation" meaning "Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation" funded by the state of Sweden.

In the morning we listened to interesting presentations about the funded research projects that are done in companies all over the country. We were also inspired by the presentation of professor Jan Bosch about how to innovate through software.

ffi 2014 2

The afternoon was divided into 5 tracks. One take away from the Light-weight track was that LIGHTer has a focus on virtual methods, which we really support. In the track about Automated vehicles we can really see the need for good virtual vehicle models and driving simulators, areas where we are strong.

Altogether an interesting day, a melting pot of innovative ideas and energizing meetings.

We were bronze sponsors at 2014 International HEEDS User Conference.

At the conference experts and specialists from many countries got together to recognize, and focus on, the wide applications of optimization technology, and specifically optimization with HEEDS products, across all industries.

CAE Values CEO David Fredriksson held a speach about "Optimazation of Robotic Manipulator using HEEDS MDO" (by Foad Mohammadi)

 The conference was held at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan.


The lunchseminar at Lindholmen Connected was very successful and over 200 people attended. 

CEVT 's Deputy CEO Gang Wei was holding an opening speach talking about CEVT and opportunities to be on Lindholmen Science Park .

CAE Value presented a driving simulator , which is used by Volvo. They also showed up with the leading technology in product optimization, HEEDS.


Lindholmen CAE Value står som värdföretag på Lindholmen Connected, onsdagen 22 oktober kl 12-13.

Lindholmen Connected är en återkommande nätverksträff där man varje gång inleder med en spännande key note speaker. Därefter blir det nätverksmingel, lunchmacka och värdföretagen får möjlighet att presentera sig.

På Lindholmen Connected kommer vi att presentera en körsimulator som bl a används av Volvo. Dessutom, så kommer vi visa upp den ledande tekniken inom produktoptimering.

Anmälan gör du här!

Porsche Motorsport have a driving simulator from VI-grade, our partner in real time solutions. Have a look at this video showing a virtual race lap on Le Mans.

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Customer success story:

Read how we helped Tyréns to reduce the weight of this movable steel structure by 5500 Kg!

Tyréns - Passenger Gangway Weight Reduction Project

Customer success story:

Read how we developed a method for a premium automotive manufacturer to automatically correlate virtual and physical test data.

Automatic Correlation Project


Customer success story:

Read how we helped an automotive OEM to replace physical prototypes with virtual models:

Seat rail and steering wheel vibration assessment virtual prototyping project

Read how we developed a virtual prototype for an agricultural equipment manufacturer to predict stresses in the welded frames in their products:

Agricultural equipment virtual prototyping project


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