(Göteborg, Sweden, January 2018) - CAE Value AB, a specialist consulting firm and engineering development partner, specialized in CAE method development and process automation, continues its commitment toward organizations working to achieve sustainable environmental, social and economic solutions by supporting female entrepreneurs in India through the 'Hand in Hand International' charity. The program gives women each year the education, access to microloans and training to start and run their own businesses, providing new sources of income for the family.

“The team here at CAE Value is pleased to support an organization that enables individuals to lift themselves from extreme poverty into a new future of hope, dignity and choices,” says David Fredriksson, CEO of CAE Value.

Hand in Hand has helped create millions of businesses that have in turn provided jobs and income for millions of impoverished individuals within India and Africa. That translates to millions more that have been taken out of extreme poverty and hundreds of thousands of children going from work into school. Hand in Hand also runs major initiatives in the fields of healthcare, energy, the environment and water.

About Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand’s vision is a world free from poverty. Through Hand in Hand’s unique help to self-help model poor and marginalized people, the majority of whom are women, are strengthened with the capacity to work their way out of poverty. Raising family income contributes to greater food security, better education, increased access to medicines and healthcare, improved housing, etc.

Hand in Hand’s efficient and cost-effective model helps create sustainable results with positive effect on an individual and a family level, as well as on society at large. Visit for more information.

About CAE Value

CAE Value is a specialist consulting firm, providing unique solutions and services in simulation and optimization, operating on a global basis with an emphasis on Optimization Driven Innovation and Knowledge Driven Development. Our insightful approach helps coach engineering teams to bridge the ever-challenging gap between virtual prototypes and the real world.

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