Today most design exploration is done manualy, hindering innovation and resulting in long and costly development processes.

With the unique combination of latest technologies and our expertise in Multidisciplinary Optimization, we aim for unlocking innovation potential through Process Automation and Design Space Exploration.

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We help our customers in many different industries to integrate optimization methods into their product development processes. This, in turn, increases the customer knowledge about their products and helps them to acquire that knowledge earlier in their projects. This ensures that waste is removed from the process, and the engineering workforce has the opportunity to innovate and advance. The overall effect is reduced time-to-market, higher return-on-investment for modeling and simulation, and minimized product (or service) delivery risks. In short, we help our customers:

Design Better Designs, faster


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Customer success story:

Read how we helped Tyréns to reduce the weight of this movable steel structure by 5500 Kg!

Tyréns - Passenger Gangway Weight Reduction Project

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