Engineering services

CAE Value uses proven simulation technologies to reduce end-user risk and provide quality life-cycle benefits. Customers rely upon CAE technologies for project execution and risk management techniques as crucial to success. Our reliable technology meets performance guarantees with measurable standards for cost and schedule.

We serve leading vehicle OEM’s, Tier 1 suppliers, and motorsport organizations, and allow our customers to focus on their business, while being offered concept-to-completion work and lifecycle support.

CAEValue services

Virtual Prototyping

Using the latest advanced modeling and simulation techniques of linear and nonlinear systems, High fidelity computer models are used to provide insight into the mechanical, thermal, fluid, and acoustic behavior of your products and processes.

Method Development

We use proven change methods in our projects that builds upon the involvement of people affected by the change in product development process.


Multidisciplinary and Multi-Objective optimization: Exclusive automated search technology is used to explore the design space and identify optimized solutions to your most challenging design problems, improving performance and quality.

Our value proposition

We help your organization maximize the benefits of your CAE environment by helping you establish tools and processes involving:

  • Product Development Process Maturity Assessment
  • Multi-Objective Optimization
  • Virtual Testing
  • Target Cascading and Metric Evaluation Automation
  • Project Management

Combining these technologies into a coherent whole within your development process -- that's Engineering Intelligence.

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Customer success story:

Read how we helped Tyréns to reduce the weight of this movable steel structure by 5500 Kg!

Tyréns - Passenger Gangway Weight Reduction Project

Customer success story:

Read how we developed a method for a premium automotive manufacturer to automatically correlate virtual and physical test data.

Automatic Correlation Project


Customer success story:

Read how we helped an automotive OEM to replace physical prototypes with virtual models:

Seat rail and steering wheel vibration assessment virtual prototyping project

Read how we developed a virtual prototype for an agricultural equipment manufacturer to predict stresses in the welded frames in their products:

Agricultural equipment virtual prototyping project


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